Theo laughed as she jumped onto his back. He supported her legs and twirled around with her. "Forget it. I'll never surrender, missy!" he replied also making use of a funny voice.


Gawain waited until he was sure there was no one around before striking. The girl did not even have time to scream before he had dragged her into an alley. He covered her mouth and pinned her to the wall before biting deeply into her neck. Her blood was sweet but nowhere near as good as Meis.

The girl tried hard to fight back but to now avail. With each mouthful he drank the girl became weaker. Before long her struggles completely subsided and she grew limp in his arms. When there was no more blood left Gawain gently lay down the girls lifeless body and let out a deep sigh. He knew this had been a bad idea but now he finally felt satisfied.

He walked back to the school and into his room. Here he found Mei sleeping in his bed. She looked so peaceful. Quietly he took his shirt off and slipped down under the covers next to her, careful not to wake her. For a moment he just lay and watched her sleep. He then gently kissed her cheek before falling asleep next to her.

He could only hope that she would feel better tomorrow and that she would not find out what he had done.

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