An Investigation

"Good, it would be good for them to have something new to talk about" he said with a smirk. He really didn't mind what the others might think. Besides, most of the students were probably too busy talking about the fire and the girl that had been attacked, to even notice them holding hands.

As he looked at the school he could see the fire still burning through the windows into the library. "Do you think they'll call for the fire brigade?". He was quite exited by the thought, though the teachers might not do such a thing in case any of their students might be tempted to bite one of the fire fighters.

As the students were outside looking at the poor girl who was wounded and in bad shape, several instructors entered the library and used water magic to stop the fire. Meanwhile the injured girl was being attended to by Elvira who quickly saw several bite marks on her neck and knew she was attacked by a vampyre. However she kept it to herself and texted the other staff members to be on the look out for a Fledgeling who is feeding on other fledgelings.


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