Control/Perfume 2

Ellie grabbed his wrist and stopped him, she pinned his arms by his head, since she was shorter then him she was not able to pin them above his head but it didn’t matter, once his arms were pinned he felt her fangs graze his neck teasingly
Mei looked at him with sad eyes for a moment longer before sighing and moving away from him sitting up on the bed “nothing....but....” she looked away from him “I can trust you right Gawain....I know I’m just a fledgling and I have no right to ask anything of you...I know I’m easily replaceable, after all I have seen how the female vampyre’s look at you but....I still don’t want to get hurt so if you have someone want, you will tell me right?” She said and it dawned on him that she thought because of the perfume he had be with another woman. Not that he had fed and killed but had slept with a woman.

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