Elite stopped kissing his neck and released his hand, she lifted her head and met his gaze, as she looked in his eyes he felt her hands travel down his side until the reached his waist, there she moved them and undid the bottom on his jeans still holding his gaze he saw her bit her bottom lip, though she did not break the skin “Theo....and some point we are going to have to do more then this...” she said grabbing his pants and pulling him towards her so her body was pressed against his and her lips were inches away from his “I want to get to know you more and I want you to get to know me” she said in a soft tone. Her eyes held a challenge in them And she waited to see what he would do

Mei turned and looked at him “I want to believe you but how can I.....I smell the perfume and I know that I am easily replaceable “ she said looking nervous “Gawain....this is a forbidden union already....if you wish to find someone more suitable.....someone you don’t have to hide that your with....”

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