Despite how much he wanted her right now it annoyed him that she once more began talking about getting to know each other better. He let out a deep sigh and rolled his eyes "Oh please. Don't start on that stupid thing again..."."Why can't we just keep it like this? Doing what we are best at" he said the last part with a cheeky smirk and moved his hands down to her hips.


Gawain gently took her hand and looked deep into her eyes "Mei... No one would ever be able to replace you. You are the only one I ever want to be with.". Then he looked down with sadness and shame "The reason why you can smell perfume on me is.. last night I went hunting and I.. I found this young woman... I know I promised never to do something like that ever again but... I am so sorry...". It hurt him to tell her this, not because he had taken a life but because he knew how much this meant to her and now he had broken his promise.

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