Sorrow/Making love

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Her words stung like a knife in his hart "I... I don't know...". He forced himself to turnaround and face her. His eyes were full of sorrow "It's just... I really wanted to change for you but.. It turns out this is harder than I thought it would be. You really don't deserve someone like me...". Tears started to fill his eyes so he had to look away once more "Besides I just do not fit in here... I try but.. I just miss the forest...". Though he tried to sound like this was all there was to it and pretended to be hard, though the thought of not being able to be with her was killing him.


Before long he started doing "it" to her. He didn't care at all that they were in a public place, all that mattered was they he had her. While doing it he kissed her neck and further down her chest. Everything about her was just perfect and he felt like he simply couldn't get enough of her.

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