Not me/Moonlight

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Mei felt like her heart was shattering, she suddenly felt very small and insignificant "I.....understand....I guess this is goodbye....I wish you a long and happy life" the words physically hurt her. She couldn't look at him, it hurt to much at this point " happy with the memories I...already have ill cherish them" She said gripping the sides of her dress. If she couldnt make him happy or give him what he needed then she had to let him go, she was stuck here, her punishment would make her a prisoner of this school for years, but he was not and if he was happier in the woods and free then she would not wish him to be caged like she was. If she was honest with herself she didnt want him killing for his sake, not for hers but now none of that mattered "just...keep this in mind when you feed...what if that person was me? if I was the one pulled into the darkness by someone....would you want them to drain me dry... I think like that when I feed...I try to be gentle and give them the same respect I would want if the situation was reversed, after all they are giving me does not mean I should take theirs" She said hoping one day he would not kill, the more he killed the more he would draw attention to himself by the humans and the vampyres. She just didn't want him to get hurt. She started to back away from him feeling like she was about to shatter. Her tears feel to the floor as she silently started to cry "I hope you can find someone who can.....make you happy...sorry I couldn't" She said before turning towards the door, she couldnt watch him leave, she couldn't bare it, she didn't want that to be the last memory she had of him.

Ellie covered her mouth with the back of her hand to try t keep as quiet as possible but he could still hear her moans since he was so close to her. The smell of him and the flowers was blissful to her, his warmth and the moonlight almost seemed like a dream that she didnt want to wake up from, because most of the flowers here bloomed at night they were in full bloom and glowed softly in the moonlight giving the area around them a romantic feeling to it. In that moment there was no school, no red fledgling no normal fledgling, nothing was keeping them from each other in that moment, no teachers, no collars and neither of them was concerned about the emotional struggles they both had been dealing with, because in this moment they were comforting each other in a way no other could. She let her free hand grip his hair lightly and made him look at her. She met his gaze, her bright blue eyes meeting his red "theo..." She said his name softly before kissing him

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