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Gawain wanted to turnaround and prevent Mei from leaving, but that would be too selfish of him. He had to let her go to avoid risking to hurt her over and over because of his own foolishness.

It was killing him to hear her leave, but he didn't look back at her. As soon as he heard to door close behind him he had planned to jump out of the window and disappear into the darkness of the night. But he couldn't do it. Despite how much he missed the woods, loved his freedom and hated being trapped here as a teacher then he couldn't imaging how he were to be able to live on without Mei.

With a growl of frustration and sorrow he turned away from the window and in one fluent motion turned into his wolf-form. Of course he could never leave her like this, least of all I a place where he knew how they were treating her. In his despair he needed to get some of his feelings out somehow. He grabbed a chair in his jaws and thore it to pieces before continuing shredding even more of the furniture. When he reached the bed he was struck Meis scent. In the blink of an eye he calmed down, already regretting everything he had done, and curled up on the bedsheets. He had ruined everything and now the only thing he had left of his love of his life were only her scent that lingered.


Theo looked into her amazing blue eyes. She was undoubtedly the most wonderful girl he had ever been with
He thrusted harder into her, spured on by her kisses and sweat moans. He never wanted this moment to stop, but suddenly he could feel the sun slowly started to rise. Reluctantly he let her and got his pants back on. He didn't want to leave and kept holding her close and kissing her deeply.

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