Back on the job/Not now

After a while Gawain suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. Believing that it was Mei he jumped up from the bed and changed back to his human-form. Not wanting to leave her waiting he just put on his bathrobe and rushed to the door. The teacher that was standing outside gave him a confused look "Umm... You know you have a classroom full of students waiting for you, right?". Gawain struggled to hide his disappointment and forced himself to smile politely yet slightly embarrassed "Oh, sorry. I must have forgotten. I will be there in a minute.". "Good. I'll let them know." he turned around to leave, but then looked back at Gawain "And please put on some clothes.". "Of course." Gawain nodded and closed the door. He sighed. Teaching a class was the last thing he wanted at this moment, but it seemed as though he had no choice. He put on some clothes and then went to do his job. The rest of the night he made it to all of his classes though he was quite distracted, his mind only focused on Mei.

"Oh... But I don't want to..." Theo said, almost sounding like an annoyed child. But then he was hit by the burning sensation of the sunrays upon his skin. He cringed in pain and grabbed her hand "All right. We might have to leave anyway... Come.". Then he quickly started pulling her with him, eager to get back inside as fast as possible.

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