Trapped/ safe

Mei didn’t know when her eyes had closed, she had been so exhausted from crying it was all a blur. All she knew was that waking up to the sun burning her arm was enough to make her not only cry out in pain but fall out of her chair in the open horse stall. She moved back into the corner of the stall behind one of the horses. It was completely morning now, there was no way she could make it back to the safety of her room. She looked around and saw one of the under saddle blankets hanging over a rail. She grabbed it even though it was in the sun and burned her hand. She covered herself completely with it and curled up in the corner, her burnt arm and hand shaking with pain as she accepted that she was now trapped until nighttime, yet the pain she felt in her arm and hand was still nothing compared to the pain she felt in her heart over losing Gawain.
Ellie followed Theo closely all the way to his room, once they were at his door she squeezed his hand “I should go...if I run I can beat the sun and hopefully avoid any teachers or staff” she said looking out the window and saw the sun quickly rising “but at least your safe in your room now “ she said with a smile. He could hear her heart racing and could feel her quick pulse under his hand that was on her

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