A bad feeling/Don't leave

Somehow Gawain made it throughout the night and felt completly exhausted by sunrise. He went back to his room. He had almost forgotten about all the things he had destroyed earlier, but didn't bother to clean it up now. It would just have to wait.
With a deep sigh he threw himself onto the bed, hoping to just get a little rest before tomorrow night. He kept thinking of Mei which made it almost impossible to fall asleep, but eventually he did so.

After a while he was suddenly awakened by a sharp pain in his arm, but there was nothing to see. Shortly after he felt the same kind of pain, this time on his hand. At first he didn't know what to think of it, but then it hit him. It had to be because of his imprinting I'm Mei. She must be hurt. The thought terrified him, but there was nothing he could do at the moment. He was forced to stay in his room until nighttime, anxiously waiting to see what might have happened to her.

Theo got completly distracted by the sound of her beating heart, despite the discomfort from the rising sun. "Why don't you just stay with me?" he smiled and pulled her closer. His eyes were, if possible, even redder than before. Gently he kissed her lips continuing all the way down to her neck "Nobody will notice you here. I promise". The sound of her pulse were so temptningly close, making it completly impossible for him to hold back much longer.

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