Mei felt the warmth on the blanket letting her know the sun was now over her. She made herself relax, knowing that If she panicked she could make a mistake that could get her killed. She could feel a burning sensation on her calf and knew there was a small hole in the blanket letting the sun hit her skin. But she knew she had to deal with the pain and could not move, she knew it will definitely leave a scar and knew she would be in this pain for hours and that if she survived she will be very weak, she was just a fledgling, exposure to the sun could kill a full vampyre or weaken them severely so to a fledgling it was almost always fatal. It takes a full vampyre years to be able to stay awake in the day time and even then the can’t for too long, so she knew soon sleep would take her and she feared she would never wake up from it, the only plus side to being constantly burnt in the same spot was that the pain distracted her from her thoughts of Gawain.
Ellie let out a little sigh that warmed his skin and he felt her lean into his arms more “what are you doing to me make me reckless” she said closing his door and locking it behind them without leaving his arms. He felt her skin grow warm underneath his touch. Now that the door was closed no sun was able to reach them and her sweet scent filled his room even more.

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