Better me than you/Ravenous hunger

Gawain struggled to stay awake despite how worried he were about Mei.
When he was awakened by a sharp pain on the calf it all became too much for him. He had to find her, now.

He got out of bed and changed into his wolf-form, because this would improve his chances of surviving during daytime.
He managed to open the door and quickly picked up Meis scent. As fast as he could he followed her scent, trying to ignore the unpleasant feeling of the sunlight on him every now and then. Eventually he reached the stables and found Mei hiding underneath an old saddleblanket raced towards her. The horse in the stall became so terrified at the sight of the big wolf that it panicked and ran away as soon as he entered the stable. Not none of that mattered to Gawain right now. Quickly he moved underneath the blanket Mei was hiding under and placed himself so that he was covering her completly, not caring that he himself wasn't completly covered by the blanket. The few places where the sunrays touched him burnt painfully, but he didn't care at all. The most important thing to him was to know that no matter what happend to him then Mei would be safe.

Theo almost didn't register that Ellie had moved the both of them into his room. Right now he was driven by pure hunger and desire. Quickly he sank his teeth deep into her neck and eagerly drank her blood. It was a thrilling feeling and the warmth of her blood running down his throat was intoxicating. Until now he had completly forgotten just how hungry he were and simply couldn't drink her blood fast enough.

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