Go to sleep.../Blood

The few rays of sun that hit him were excruciatingly painful, but it would not be enough to end his life and he would gladly endure this pain to ensure that Mei was safe. Despite of the pain he too struggled to stay awake. "Neither should you... Just get some sleep now..." He forced all kind of emotions out of his voice, not wanting to make this anymore difficult for her than it probably already was.

Theo could actually feel her moans through his chest which only turned him even more on. He pressed her up against the door, biting deeper into her neck to make the blood flow faster. If he was asked he probably wouldn't be able to say what he liked the most; making love or taking blood directly from a beautiful girls neck. But this surely wasn't something he was thinking about at this moment. His only focus was the taste of sweet, warm blood slipping past his lips.

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