Despite the pain from Meis words and the sun on his skin Gawain was unable to stay awake.
Only when the sun started to set he started to be able to move a bit more. Just before the sun had completly disappeared he was able to get up, though still shielding Mei from the last rays of sun. His body had only just been able to endure the daylight and now he was almost shaking by exhaustion, but he tried to keep it hidden from Mei. "Are you all right?" He asked, not looking at her at all.

Theo didn't even register her voice. The taste of her fresh blood was overpowering his mind and feelings, making him feel no desire to let her go just yet.

Lily patrolled the halls during the daytime, making sure no students had been caught up somewhere by the sunlight. Suddenly she picked up the scent of blood. Of course wasn't an unusual thing since this was a school full of fleedlings and vampyres, but during daytime everyone should be asleep. She followed the scent until she reached the the door it seemed to originate from. She jumped up, trying to open the door, but is was locked. Then she barked, hoping to get the attention of whoever was on the other side.

Theo didn't react to the bark at all and only held Ellie tighter as her legs started to grow weak. It has been days since he had last been able to get blood like this and his Bobby didn't allow him to stop until he was satisfied.

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