"Well, I didn't..." he growled, still in his wolf-form, flashing his fangs slightly, trying to sound annoyed. This was the only way, as far as he could see, he could hope to 'scare' her away from him. It wasn't that he wanted to, but for her safety he had to put on this hostile facade to make her keep a distance to him. This would be the best way he could protect her at the moment even though it was killing him to do so.

Theo grabbed her legs as soon as she wrapped them around him, but wasn't quite able to listen to her. His body was still controlled by his primal needs. The only response he was able to give was to bite down even harder, his instinct trying to keep his 'prey' from escaping or calling for help.

Lily could hear movements on the other side of the door and tried a few more times to jump up to see if she could open the door, but without success. There had to be done something she knew, but right now everyone else were asleep so she had no one to assist her. In a desperate attempt to interfere with whatever was happening on the other side of the door she started barking again and again, hoping to get the students attention somehow.

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