Mad/breaking the rules

Mei flinched but not because she was scared but because she thought he was made at her, she went to move away from him to give him some space and to give him more of the blanket, she could feel a cool area behind her letting her know the sun was not in that spot. So she started to move towards it, trying to back away from him but was finding it difficult with the weight of his body and how weak she felt
Ellie didn’t mind him feeding from her but she didn’t want him to get in trouble, especially since it was forbidden to do so to begin with. It was one of the schools biggest rules that students were not allowed to feed from each other because of what could happen and imprinting “Theo I know you can control yourself and if we get caught it will be very bad for both of stop “ she said hugging him tighter “kiss me something else’s but you need to stop before we are caught” she said

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