Don't move/Stop

When Mei started to move Gawain was afraid she would end up in the sunlight once more. He gave a low growl and pushed her down slightly "Stay still". Though he did sound angry he wasn't. He was just worried and tried to protect her the best he could.

As Theo started to feel a bit full he found it easier to listen to her. Furthermore, Lilys barking was starting to get on his nerves. He moved away from the door, carrying Ellie with him to the bed where they both lay down.

Soon after he let go of her neck, but kept holding her tight. "Sorry..." His voice was nothing more than a mumbling. A little blood seeped from her wound, but before it dripped onto the bedsheets he licked it off her soft warm skin. It was hard for him not to take more of her blood, but he did his best not to though he was licking her wound clean.

Outside, Lily noticed that the scent of blood had fainted significantly and stopped barking. She still wanted to get in and see if everything was alright, but since that was impossible at the moment she just lay down in front of the door, waiting for the night to return.

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