A little company

Next day, or more correctly night, Siljah got up and made herself ready for a new night. She hadn't been here for long and still had a lot of things to get used to but otherwise everything was fine. She even got some good gossip about one of the teachers already.

Now she headed out to get breakfast in the greathall. She found a table and were just about to diginto her breakfast when she nkticed at chubby cream colored cat struggeling to jump up on the table (these familiar Cleo). The sight of the fat cat dangling with it's hind legs over the edge of the table, unable to get up was impossible not to at least giggle at. Filling sorry for the kitty she helped it up and offered it a small piece of her omelet. The cat eagerly ate it and started purring when she stroked it's back. At least now she had a little company.

(OOC - So good to see that you are back Jaxx. Hope we can continue on this game though at the moment I only have Siljah to write with. Hope we can come up with something ;) )

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