Breakfast Meeting

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Next day, or more correctly night, Siljah got up and made herself ready for a new night. She hadn't been here for long and still had a lot of things to get used to but otherwise everything was fine. She even got some good gossip about one of the teachers already.
Now she headed out to get breakfast in the great hall. She found a table and were just about to dig into her breakfast when she noticed at chubby cream colored cat struggling to jump up on the table (these familiar Cleo). The sight of the fat cat dangling with it's hind legs over the edge of the table, unable to get up was impossible not to at least giggle at. Filling sorry for the kitty she helped it up and offered it a small piece of her omelet. The cat eagerly ate it and started purring when she stroked it's back. At least now she had a little company.

As the sun finally set Ed found himself being crushed in his bed by his giant snake Nagi yet again. Nagi had strong feelings for Ed and loved to cuddle in her own way. Luckily Ed was now strong enough to handle her affection. After waking her up and getting her to uncoil they headed to the shower to wash up before changing for class. Nagi being a water snake loved have Ed clean her scales.

After packing up and getting ready for class, Ed headed over to April's room to once again wake her up from her deep sleep. By this point he was used to seeing her in little clothing and maintained his composure as he helped her get ready. April was very grouchy when she woke up and didn't seem all that embarrassed by Ed seeing her in such an unlady like manner. Ed reminded her about the schedule and her current status in her plan. Of course today was different since Blu the Blue Macaw was heckling April for being a slob. Ed helped April save face by telling Blu he would purchase a proper bird house for Blu. Blu agreed and stop pestering her.

After getting April ready for class they headed down the hall and met up with Reagan who was not in a hurry to attend class. After some small talk they made their way to the dining area for breakfast at 8 pm which was normal for this school. There they met with Elvira and the other younger Coven Members as they made small talk. Elvira and Ed then went over the schedule first in case the freshmen forgot since they were still new to it. April and Regan were busy enjoying their breakfast and feeding Blu. Nagi on the other hand was eating from her own plate. Max, Elvira's dog was busy watching over the Infirmary as she was out.

Shortly afterwards Nagi noticed a chubby cream colored cat (Theo's familiar Cleo) being fed by a new face. Nagi tugged at Ed to get his attention and as he turned to look he saw Cleo with a new girl.

Ed: Now that is something I was not expecting to see.

April: What?

Ed: Theo's cat hitting up the freshmen for table scraps.

April: Prolly cause that jerk won't take care of it anymore.

Ed: That's a possibility.

The freshmen then began asking questions about Theo and April went on and on about what a tool he was. She didn't want them to mess with Theo since he was dangerous and selfish. Meanwhile Elvira and Ed whispered to each other in private.

Whisper Conversation
Elvira: Hey Eddy I got a surprising message yesterday.

Ed: Is it about the account you helped me set up?

Elvira: Yes. Was that number right? That was a lot of money.

Ed: It was only 10%. You should expect a lot more after I graduate.

Elvira: You shouldn't tease a woman my age Eddy. I might have to discipline you.

Ed: If only I was 18.

Elvira: If only. Are you sure you still want to continue our arrangement?

Ed: Of course. We will need a lot of resources for our business and I want you and April by myside. I can't imagine running our Coven Alumni Business without either of you.

Elvira: What about Reagan?

Ed: I think she is only with us out of convivence right now. I will offer her a place if she wants but I won't force her.

Elvira: Glad to hear that. You have no idea how bad the outside world is. There are some nasty groups out there.

April: What are you two going on about?

Ed: Just schedule details for the future plans.

April: Oh yeah. Okay. Anyway we still need to make plans for recruiting next years freshmen.

Elvira: Why not have the freshmen help out. If everyone can bring in one new member it will work out somehow.

Ed: That sounds like it would work even if half of us fail.

April: Yeah since we are the better choice for the students who don't fit in, our numbers will increase slowly.

Ed: Our goal is twenty members by our graduation. At that point they will be strong enough run the Coven here while we set up shop outside the school in two and a half years. So far we have eight members and a Teacher so if we can get six more members each year we will reach our goal.

April: Man you plan for everything huh?

Ed: Someone has to do it.

Elvira: Its best to play up to our strengths in an organization April. You made it this far with your ambitions already.

April: Yeah but its only the beginning. So listen up freshmen...….your job is to recruit one person per year into the Coven. Whether they make the cut or not does count so pick recruits that would fit well in our Coven.

The freshmen reluctantly agreed till April got them fired up with some choice words. Ed chuckled as he looked at the new girl playing with Cleo. He hoped Theo would not target her later on.


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