My cat

(Me too ;) )

Theo woke up at dusk in Ellies room, still holding her in his arms. Gently he kissed her on the forehead before he snug out of the bed making sure he didn't wake her.

He went to the bath room to try to make himself look somewhat decent before sneaking out of the room. To his luck Lily (Gawains familiar) had left sometime during the day so there were no one around to she him exiting Ellies room.

Still feeling quite sleepy he went to get breakfast in the greathall. He was handed his special tray filled with vegetables and an extra porting of the fake blood, wich had become his usual diet, though much against his will. He looked down at the trey with a deep sigh before looking for a vacant table where he could sit by himself.

As he looked around he caught sight of Cleo sitting on a table together with some new girl. "How annoying..." he thought to himself.

He walked up to the girls table and looked at her, clearly not pleased with the situation "Excuse me, but please keep your hands off my cat.".

Siljah was completly caught off guard by this hostile guy and looked at him in surprise "Uhm.. Sorry? Though she were the one who came to me.". She wasn't going to be bullied and stood her ground as she hadn't done anything wrong.

"Whatever..." Theo didn't care about the reason and now turned to look at Cleo "Come here". "Yes, master..." Cleo quickly said, looked down and followed Theo as fast her chubby little legs could carry her as Theo went to take a seat at the end of the table.

Siljah followed the guy with her gaze. What was his problem? She was both annoyed and intrigued by him.

Theo tried to ignore the fact that the girl kept watching him but it was really hard. Cleo was sitting next to him on the table, watching as he was only poking at the broccoli with his fork. She felt sorry for him as she surly wouldn't eat any of that green stuff he had on his plate either. If only she could do something to cheer him up.

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