"Whatever..." Theo didn't care about the reason and now turned to look at Cleo "Come here". "Yes, master..." Cleo quickly said, looked down and followed Theo as fast her chubby little legs could carry her as Theo went to take a seat at the end of the table.
Siljah followed the guy with her gaze. What was his problem? She was both annoyed and intrigued by him.
Theo tried to ignore the fact that the girl kept watching him but it was really hard. Cleo was sitting next to him on the table, watching as he was only poking at the broccoli with his fork. She felt sorry for him as she surly wouldn't eat any of that green stuff he had on his plate either. If only she could do something to cheer him up.

It wasn't hard for many students and staff in the dining area to notice the scene with Theo and Siljah as they were a bit on the loud side. Some were concerned that Theo was going to attack her, but to their relief he took his cat and sat alone. After another ten minutes went by the bell rang and the students began cleaning up and heading to class.

Ed, April and Reagan headed to their class while the freshmen headed to theirs and Elvira headed back to her office. In her office, Elvira checked herself in the mirror to make sure her hair, make up and cleavage were to her liking. As the Hollywood Mistress of Darkness, she kind of grew into her image and rather enjoyed it despite all the jerks and scum balls that she had to deal with. In her lifetime she had a lot of bad relationships she was not proud of and used them as joke material.

She did a few sexy poses in the mirror as she wondered if Ed would like it. Then she got nervous as she looked at herself and adjusted her chest a bit. At this point Max (punk rock poodle) her familiar started a conversation telepathically.

Conversation Telepathically
Max: What happened to your confidence O' Mistress of the Dark?

Elvira: Its different this time.

Max: How so? You dated lots of guys before, even ones you hated.

Elvira: That was for work. Ed is different.

Max: Is it because he is much younger or because you really like him?

Elvira shuttered for a moment as the reality hit her. This was the first time she felt a barrage of emotions like this and it scared her.

Elvira: Yes. For the first time I feel like an awkward nervous high school girl with a huge crush and a naughty Cougar on the prowl, which is totally messed up. Max I really like him and I know its wrong, but what if he looses interest in me? I'm older and have been around the block a lot enough to frequent travel miles.

Max: Oh please woman. That boy reeks of pheromones when he's with you and that April girl. At first I figured he was a typical male horndog due to his age, but he doesn't get like that with any other females.

Elvira: Oh really?.....Wait how do you know that?

Max: I followed him a few times out of curiosity and he seems very focused for a scrawny nerd. He only shows interest in his snake, school work, investments and you two females.

Elvira: Yeah that sounds like him alright.

Max: So you don't mind being in his harem?

Elvira: I'd like to be selfish, but I don't have the courage push my luck if I made him choose. I couldn't handle it if he pick April over me and I'd kick myself for that choice.

Max: Well then after he graduates you won't have to be a Bridesmaid anymore.

Elvira: Thank goodness. I hate being the old spinster in the social group. If I have to hear their teasing and snide comments about being old and single one more time I might loose it.

Max: Well I guess your mind is made up then.

Elvira: Yeah I guess. So How do I look?

Max: Like a vamp tramp as usual.

Elvira: Hopefully I look hot enough to keep Eddy interested.

Max: Hey get your mind out of the gutter. You have a patient coming in.

Elvira quickly got back to work.

Meanwhile Ed, April and Reagan were in Elemental Bending 201 class and for the first time April was awake thanks to her familiar Blu. Ed was once again taking detailed notes while April and Reagan did their best to keep up while daydreaming. Ed wondered what Reagan was thinking about since she kept her thoughts to herself lately. He respected her boundaries and checked in with her for her daily needs, but that was the extent of their conversations. Oddly enough Sabine had been avoiding them as well since Ed made he back off under threat of combat.

Since Ed was a bit concerned about the new girl getting into it with Theo he sent a small snake made of water to spy on the new girl and Theo. To avoid being spotted they used the air ducts to travel in and viewed them from the vents.


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