When the bell rang Theo still hadn't touched his food, but had only been drinking the fake blood. Now he threw out the food before heading for class closely followed by Cleo.

Siljah, being only a freshman, had to go to a different class, but were determined to seek out Theo later when she got the chance.


Later when Theos final class of the night had ended he headed for the library. It was about the only place where he could have just a little privacy, except from his room of course. Cleo had told him that she had prepared a surprise for him a was eagerly walking ahead of him. She lead him to a quiet corner of the library where she finally stopped in front of one of the tall bookshelves "We're here. Try to look behind those books" she said and nodded towards the books on the lowest shelf. Not sure what to expect Theo did as she said. Behind the book were a pile of fake-bloodbags. A smile spread accros his face and he padded Cleo on the head "Thank you. You are a clever kitty after all.". She purred happily and watched as Theo took one of the bags and started drinking.

What none of them knew was that Siljah had been following them on a distance and was now watching them from behind one of the shelves. "Well well well. This little secret surely has to be worth something" she thought to himself with a smile. She decided to confront him at some other moment as it would be unwise to do so with no one else around.

Just as she was about to leave Theo heard her footsteps and immediately paused. Quickly he moved around the shelf, grabbed Siljah and pinned her to the wall. "You again?" he was at first simply surprised but that quickly turned into annoyance. "What are you doing here? Are you following me?" his eyes were still slightly red. Siljah was a little caught off guard but just smiled innocently in response "What makes you think that?".
Theo growled slightly at her cheeky response "Just leave me alone".

He was just about to let go of her, but something within him made that impossible. Being this close to her, feeling her warm skin and her sweet smell was irresistible. His eyes turned even more red and he leaned closer. He could feel how she froze when his lips touched her neck and despite of the danger she were too surprised to try to get away.

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