Just as she was about to leave Theo heard her footsteps and immediately paused. Quickly he moved around the shelf, grabbed Siljah and pinned her to the wall. "You again?" he was first simply surprised but that quickly turned into annoyance. "What are you doing here? Are you following me?" his eyes were still slightly red. Siljah was a little caught off guard but just smiled innocently in response "What makes you think that?".
Theo growled slightly at her cheeky response "Just leave me alone".
He was just about to let go of her, but couldn't. Being this close to her, feeling her warm skin and her sweet smell was irresistible. His eyes turned even more red and he leaned closer. He could feel how she froze when his lips touched her neck and despite of the danger she were too surprised to try to get away.

As Theo was close to loosing to his urges he heard a hissing sound behind him, followed by cold water touching his lips. There was a long snake made of clear water a few feet behind him in striking position as well as one in the book shelf he was leaning on that was flicking his tongue on Theo's lips like it was about to enjoy its dinner.

Suddenly an arm made of water came from the side of the water snake and held up a water sign with words on it that read: "Silly Rabbit Trix are for kids." Then the words changed again to "Beat it before the teachers find you. You have 30 seconds." The water snakes stared at him with a menacing glare and no fear in their eyes as they awaited Ed's next instructions. Ed was clearly giving Theo a chance to back off which was more than he deserved when he attacked Reagan last year. Ed gave an evil grin as he toyed with Theo and waited to see what choice he would make.


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