A moment later it would have been impossible for Theo to stop. He pulled back a little and looked at the snake in the bookshelf. Of course that annoying kid Ed just couldn't mind his own business.

Cleo was nervously clinging to Theos leg, terrified by the watersnakes "M.. Maybe we should just leave Theo". But Theo ignored her plead and stood his ground.

Now that Theo had loosened his grip Siljah quickly moved away from him and left. She certainty didn't need to stick around to find out whether or not Theo really were going to bite her.

Theo didn't do anything to stop Siljah from leaving but kept his eye on the snake in front of him. He had absolutly no intention of leaving just because Ed ordered him to do so. "How brave of you to send your silly waterserpents to spy on me" he said and crossed his arms "Why don't you just come meet me here alone? I think it's time we talked things through".

He really had had enough of this and wanted things settled once and for all.

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