A Good Book

Theo didn't do anything to stop Siljah from leaving but kept his eye on the snake in front of him. He had absolutely no intention of leaving just because Ed ordered him to do so. "How brave of you to send your silly water serpents to spy on me" he said and crossed his arms "Why don't you just come meet me here alone? I think it's time we talked things through".
He really had had enough of this and wanted things settled once and for all.

The water snakes stared Theo down for a moment before tossing him a book and leaving through the vents. They then broke up into smaller snakes and scurried through the vents leaving no trace of them being in the library. Ed chuckled at the angry Theo who was at his wits end yet again.

A moment later the ice cold yet beautiful librarian showed up with a stern look on her face as she stared down Theo. Then she took the book from him and looked at it. She then handed it back to him and gave an evil grin as she glared at him.

Librarian: Cute, but if your serious about this issue I suggest one more suited for your age.

Then she put up the books she was holding on the shelf and shook her head at Theo, before leaving him, Cleo and his book.



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