The Librarian

It was hard to take this any longer. Even when he had tried to have a normal talk with Ed he ended up being made a fool of. It was unbearable, not to mention being left out by everyone else because of Ed and his little fan clubs mean rumors. None of them understood a thing...
When he got outside he found a bench where hopefully he finally could have some peace. Maybe just stay here until sunrise and it could all be done.
Some time later Cleo finally caught up with him. She could feel how sad he was, but didn't know how to help him. Carefully she jumped up next to him and tried to offer him the bloodbag but he just pushed it away. It was heartbreaking for her to see him like this. All it seemed she could do was to curl up next to him, hoping to comfort him at least a little.

As Theo was outside the Librarian, Elizabeth Tricoli was making her rounds and putting up several books. Without saying a word she chased off many students who were goofing off and making out instead of attending class. Her stern glare sent shivers down the spines of many students. Of course this only added to the rumors about her. While clearing up some books she noticed Theo outside on a bench with his cat. She quietly stared at him for a moment before going back to work. She hardly talked and very few have ever seen her smile. After finishing putting up her books she entered her private office and sat down to enjoy some herbal tea. Next to her was Noir her black tiger familiar who loved naps.

Noir: Done already?

Liz: What do you care?

Noir: And that is why you are still single.

Liz: I like being single. Men are a hassle.

Noir: I can't argue with that. Anything new?

Liz: I met that Red Fledgling today.

Noir: How is he?

Liz: Typical knuckle dragging Neanderthal full of rage.

Noir: Will he be a problem?

Liz: Hardly. He is Sebastian's and Gawain's problem child.

Liz sipped her tea without making noise and looked almost happy for a moment.

Noir: True.

The two sat in silence as Liz enjoyed her break while reading a good book and sipping her tea. When her timer went off she marked her page with a bookmark and put the book on her desk in an organized fashion. Then she cleaned up her cup of tea and adjusted her outfit in the mirror.

Noir: Go get 'em tiger.

Liz: You are such a comedian. Don't you have a nap to take?

Noir: Good idea.

Liz left her office to Noir and went back to work on the new books left out and turned in.


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