After awhile one of the teachers Theo hadn't seen before came to escort him back to the dining hall. Despite being really hungry the last thing he wanted at this moment was to be forced to go back to that place, let alone having to eat something wierd specially made for him as part of his new diet. But he wasn't given a choice.

He sighed as he got up with Cleo in his arms and then followed the teacher back inside.

The teacher lead him to a empty table in a quiet corner of the dining hall before fetching his food. When he was handed his plate the teacher left, but only to take a seat at another table from where he could keep an eye on him.

Theo stared at the plate for awhile. Then he pushed it a bit away from him towards Cleo who he had put on the table next to him "Here you go. It looks like you'll be having meatloaf today...".

Cleo looked at him with concern, but couldn't get eye contact with him. It worried her that he'd not eaten all night and only had two bags of blood. "Well... It would be a shame to let all this good food go to waste" she thought to herself before digging into the dish.

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