The Cook

Theo stared at the plate for awhile. Then he pushed it a bit away from him towards Cleo who he had put on the table next to him "Here you go. It looks like you'll be having meatloaf today...".
Cleo looked at him with concern, but couldn't get eye contact with him. It worried her that he'd not eaten all night and only had two bags of blood. "Well... It would be a shame to let all this good food go to waste" she thought to herself before digging into the dish.

Meanwhile Katherine also known as Kat was busy in the kitchen testing out some new recipes. She was very focused and detailed in her work, she didn't realize the other cooks glaring at her. Once she was done she made an unsatisfied expression along with a sigh. She was not pleased by her results and annoyed that she missed something as she read through her recipes again and realized she skipped a step. She balled up her fists as she was mad at herself. Being her own worst enemy she cursed herself out in a whispering manner.

After calming down she turned to see the unimpressed looks from the other women in the kitchen as they shook their heads and went back to work. Kat was a new worker this year and had big dreams despite mediocre talent. After she graduated she wanted to go to cooking school but sadly she could not afford the night cooking school on her lousy wages. Sadly when you're not IN with the cool kids you don't get many connections after graduation and being on your own sucks regardless if your a vampire.

After rubbing her neck, Kat shook her head and began cleaning up the dishes as she mumbled to herself in disgust. She was in a bad mood and needed help but sadly her crappy job was the most she could get for now.


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