A favor

After having eaten about half of the meatloaf Cleo paused and looked at Theo. He wasn't even looking at her and just seemed miserable. She had to do something.

Slowly she sneaked away, checking the teacher wasn't watching either, and then went for the kitchen. There were a small opening in the door where she could squeeze through. Maybe someone in here could help her out. She looked around and spotted a young woman doing the dishishes on her own and decided to try talking to her.

After rubbing her neck, Kat shook her head and began cleaning up the dishes as she mumbled to herself in disgust. She was in a bad mood and needed help but sadly her crappy job was the most she could get for now.

Cleo had really push herself to get on up the counter next to the woman and even then only just made it. "Excuse me, miss..." she carefully started out, only wanting the attention from the woman and not everyone else in the kitchen "I know this probably is a lot to ask, but do you think you have something really tasty my master can have? You see his been having quite a bad day and I just want to cheer him up, but he won't even drink his blood". She looked at the woman with pleading eyes, hoping there would be something she could do.

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