Cleo continued with her pleading eyes hoping to get her way. Kat moaned as she found Cleo too cute to resist. Then she sighed as she took off her hat and leaned on the sink.

Kat: Okay I'll bite. Tell me about your master.

Cleo let out a sigh of relief "Oh thank you so much". "Well, he is a really nice guy, despite of what a lot of the other students might say. He's just going through a though period but he really is getting a lot better. It's just.. I think he's really lonely and find it hard to go on when everyone's being so hard on him. I mean.. It's not his fault he's a red..." she paused sligthly "I've never seen him this miserable before and if he doesn't eat he's only going to make things worse for himself. Please help me".

She really hoped the woman would understand as she didn't know what else to do. "Oh, and by the way. That meatloaf you are serving today was really delicious" she added with a smile (or as much as a cat can smile).

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