A special meal for a special boy

Kat: Alright but nothing to fancy. I don't need any grief from the management.

Kat smirked at Cleo who was very cute. Then she pulled out some ingredients from the fridge and began preparations before she started cooking. Kat was in the zone as she cooked using her own fire magic on the pans. Once she was done she began to assemble her meal together on a standard white plate. Then she showed it to Cleo with a sly smile.

Kay: Here we have a Margarita Skirt Steak and a seasoned rice pilaf. I cooked the meat rare since we all have a thing for blood here and since its not human your master might eat it depending on his mood. So kitty do you think he will eat it or with he treat my work like trash? To be honest I don't do well with harsh criticism so be honest before we take it to him.

Cleo excitedly watched as Kat started cooking. It was no secret that she loved food, maybe even a bit too much, so seeing someone making it was an absolute delight.

When shown the finished meal she was not disappointed. "This is amazing! There's no way he's going to say no to this. And that smell!" she inhaled deeply, really enjoying the scent of the freshly cooked stake "It is so good!".

She the jumped down the table, not landing in the most gracious way but at least she landed on her feet. "Come with me. I'll show you to his table" she could bearly wait to get back to Theo and show him the dish. Now she just had to hope that she were right and he would appreciate it.

Making sure that Kat could follow her she eagerly made her way back to Theo. Once again she had a little trouble getting up on the table, but succeeded after only two attempts.

She approached Theo almost purring "Theo. I have a little surprise for you".

"What?" his voice was tired and he almost didn't bother to turn to look,

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