Cleo excitedly watched as Kat started cooking. It was no secret that she loved food, maybe even a bit too much, so seeing someone making it was an absolute delight.
When shown the finished meal she was not disappointed. "This is amazing! There's no way he's going to say no to this. And that smell!" she inhaled deeply, really enjoying the scent of the freshly cooked stake "It is so good!".
She the jumped down the table, not landing in the most gracious way but at least she landed on her feet. "Come with me. I'll show you to his table" she could barely wait to get back to Theo and show him the dish. Now she just had to hope that she were right and he would appreciate it.

Kat was not to thrilled to get feedback from a young Red Fledgling in all honesty. Since they tended to have anger issues, they were difficult to be around. However she found it hard to resist Cleo's request since she was very cute. She still had a soft spot for cute things just as she did in her childhood. She missed her family very much and was struggling to get through her new life as a vampire. The only connection she had left was the schools.

After snapping out of her flashbacks she put the plate on the trolley and wheeled it behind Cleo as she led the way out of the kitchen. As she followed Cleo she noticed a teacher sitting nearby and alone near Theo. It was obvious he was being watched due to something he did. She remembered the teachers being strict on trouble makers. It made her a bit nervous as she pushed her cart by as she followed Cleo to her young master.

Making sure that Kat could follow her she eagerly made her way back to Theo. Once again she had a little trouble getting up on the table, but succeeded after only two attempts.
She approached Theo almost purring "Theo. I have a little surprise for you".
"What?" his voice was tired and he almost didn't bother to turn to look.

It annoyed Kat to see Theo dismiss her without even looking at her food. She worked hard on that dish and he didn't even bat an eye or even look at her. So she put her plate of food on the table and took the old plate of meatloaf and put it on the trolley. Seeing as Cleo was trying her best to cheer him up with no luck, Kat shook her head and rolled her trolley away back to the kitchen. She was kicking herself for taking a chance, but at the same time she was happy that Cleo liked her food.

After getting back to the kitchen she began cleaning off the plate of half eaten meatloaf. She ignored the other female cooks who were taking a break and gossiping a bit as she scrubbed the dishes clean. Then she washed her face to help regain her composure before wiping the water off with a clean towel. Since she still had some time before she had to back to work she pulled out her recipe book and studied it.


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