Thank you

It annoyed Kat to see Theo dismiss her without even looking at her food. She worked hard on that dish and he didn't even bat an eye or even look at her. So she put her plate of food on the table and took the old plate of meatloaf and put it on the trolley. Seeing as Cleo was trying her best to cheer him up with no luck, Kat shook her head and rolled her trolley away back to the kitchen. She was kicking herself for taking a chance, but at the same time she was happy that Cleo liked her food.

It saddened Cleo that Theo didn't even look at the food. She had to do something. Carefully she pushed the plate a little closer "Please try it". "I'm not hungry..." Theo tried to sound convincing, but he'd only just finished the sentence when his stomach growled loudly in protest. He sighed "Allright, I guess I can try just one bite.".

Despite saying he'd only have a taste, he'd soon finished the entire stake. It was so much better than anything had been offered for a long time. He smiled wagely at Cleo "Thank you. It was really good".

Finally Cleo had had some success with cheering him up, at least a little, and she was beaming with pride "I knew you'd like it. I'll go tell the chef right away". It was impossible for Theo not to smile a little at the little cats enthusiasm and though he didn't say it he was deeply greatfull of her help.

Then Cleo hurried back to the kitchen to tell Kat the good news, as he'd really seemed upset about Theos first reaction. It didn't take her long to find Kat, but this time she simply didn't have the energy to jump up on the table as she was already a bit out of breath. Instead, to get Kats attention, she gently headbutted her ankle "Hey. He actually did eat the food after you left and he really liked it! Thank you so much!".

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