Rumor Mill

Reagan didn't get why a water elemental didn't just extinguish the flames, or why a fire elemental didn't just control them down. She figured by the time they were upperclassman, someone would have that sort of ability, Maybe a teacher, someone. If she was a fire elemental, she'd walk the flames right out of the building like in some cartoon. Maybe that's what happened, she pay the fire much mind. There were rails to grind, and paths to explore, and a temporary freedom.

Of course, once everyone was back inside, the rumor mill started. She missed that about high school back home, juicy bits of gossip, rumors, deciphering the truth from the made up. Perception always trumped reality. Stories of elementals gone rogue to some stoners lighting up a bong in the library were running rampant, each one wilder than the next. She relished them all, adding bits and pieces herself to pepper up whatever sounded dull.

She had a hard time concentrating when working with Elvira, Ed and April, channeling magic into a green bracelet. More than ever she wished she was a fire elemental, red, like the Detroit Red Wings. Green was the color of the Dallas Stars, traitorous bastards who used to play in Minnesota, before the franchise moved. Of course, Minnesota now has the Wild, they're jerseys are green, oh, and Hartford, the Whalers. She could probably say she was a Wild fan. Then again, Red was the color of the Red Fledgelings as well. Twice she near asked Elvira about them, but she thought the better of it. Maybe she'd crack a book later and take a read. For now, she mostly wanted to make sure her room didn't look like the set from Jumanji every time she fell asleep.

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