Under Pressure

Then Cleo hurried back to the kitchen to tell Kat the good news, as he'd really seemed upset about Theos first reaction. It didn't take her long to find Kat, but this time she simply didn't have the energy to jump up on the table as she was already a bit out of breath. Instead, to get Kats attention, she gently headbutted her ankle "Hey. He actually did eat the food after you left and he really liked it! Thank you so much!".

Kat was busy reading her cook book and failed to noticed Cleo nearby till she felt the bump on her leg. She looked down to see Cleo as she spoke about Theo eating her food. Kat was a bit shocked to get this response since her first impression of Theo was quite negative.

Kat: Really? Don't tease me just cause you're cute. I don't take jokes about my cooking very well.

After Cleo confirmed the truth, Kat felt very relieved to see a satisfied customer. She got very few opportunities to work her culinary magic since she lacked opportunity and support.

Kat: Well I'll be...….. to be honest I was not expecting this after meeting him for the first time. He looked so negative and angry. Of course I can relate since I have a lot of negative in my life right now. I took this job because its the only one I could get while trying to save up for cooking school. Its veryyy expensive to begin with and the only ones with night classes are in Vegas, which ain't cheap to live in. If I don't have enough money I'll end up working for the mob there doing who knows what.

Kat rubbed her temples as she groaned a bit. She was stressed out but slightly happy. She turned to look at Cleo to speak.

Kat: Well thanks kitty. I know its just a small victory, but at this point I'll take what I can get. Now be a good girl and go cheer up your master.


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