Mission accomplished/Help?

"Allright" Cleo purred happily "And good luck with your career" she said with an optimistic wink. She the hurried back to Theo once again, curled up on his lap and was finally able to rest a bit, happy to have served and helped her master.


Meanwhile in one of the halls of the school Siljah was still a bit shaken by the experience with Theo earlier on the library. What if he would try to attack her again? Or, what if there were a lot more like him around here, ready to attack at a moment's notice? Just the thought of it made her quiver. She needed some kind of help.

In lack of better ideas she went to the infirmary to see if anyone there might be able to help her out. She went inside and looked around, but couldn't see anyone right away so while waiting she started exploring the room and all the strange devices within.

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