Daily Changes

"Allright" Cleo purred happily "And good luck with your career" she said with an optimistic wink. She the hurried back to Theo once again, curled up on his lap and was finally able to rest a bit, happy to have served and helped her master.

Katherine was feeling a lot better after Cleo left. Granted Theo was a difficult customer, but with the help of Cleo she got to hear some praise on her cooking. The last few years have been pretty rough for poor Kat and these precious little victories were important to her. She had a dream in her eye and hope in her heart as she finished cleaning up and put her things away.

It was time to get ready for the next meal to cook and she was ready to work with a smile on her face. The other women shook their heads as they saw Kat get excited over the opinion of a cat. Since Kat was the youngest there she was not seen as an equal in the eyes of the others. Though they looked young they were decades older than her. Kat was working her magic as she poured her heart into her work using her fire magic to cook to her level of perfection. She was her own worst judge in cooking and she held the bar high for herself. She wanted to one day beat Bobby Flay on his show to prove she was good. Sadly a school cafeteria was not the ideal place to test out her skills.

Elvira was busy filing reports in the records room. Her medical records of the students had to be up to date on a regular basis as per the Headmaster. This was important when dealing with behaviors, medical situations and solutions used to resolve any issue. This was especially important when dealing with Red Fledglings since they required a lot of intervention. Theo was an ongoing case that needed update on a daily basis and Elvira used her spiders to spy in him when she could. She also used Ed's help to intervene and keep Theo out of trouble and limit her paperwork. The record keeper usually ignored Elvira as she filed her paperwork in the cabinets since Elvira was to flashy for the school in general.

Meanwhile in one of the halls of the school Siljah was still a bit shaken by the experience with Theo earlier on the library. What if he would try to attack her again? Or, what if there were a lot more like him around here, ready to attack at a moment's notice? Just the thought of it made her quiver. She needed some kind of help.
In lack of better ideas she went to the infirmary to see if anyone there might be able to help her out. She went inside and looked around, but couldn't see anyone right away so while waiting she started exploring the room and all the strange devices within.

After finishing up her work Elvira got off the small ladder and straightened her dress out. She was glad she checked since she almost popped out of her dress while filing. After arranging herself to her satisfaction she checked her chest out and smiled. After a nod of satisfaction she looked around to find her paperwork and picked it up. She left the Records room and headed to the office as she looked over her paperwork. Elvira walked into her office with a few folders only to see she had a guest.

Elvira: Oh hello.

Elvira gave a flashy wave and smile at the young student. She was trying to be friendly but it came off amusing.

Elvira: My name is Elvira and I am the nurse here. Please have a seat and tell me what ails ya.

Elvira gestured at a chair nearby in hopes to help the young girl.


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