Common practice

Elvira: Oh hello.

Elvira gave a flashy wave and smile at the young student. She was trying to be friendly but it came off amusing.

Elvira: My name is Elvira and I am the nurse here. Please have a seat and tell me what ails ya.

Elvira gestured at a chair nearby in hopes to help the young girl.

The nurse certainly didn't look anywhere near what Siljah had imagined which made her pause for a moment to take in her eccentric appearance before taking a seat.

"Well, it's not that anything's wrong but..." since she were new she didn't know where to start or whether or not it were a common thing that other students tried to bite you. She thought it through a bit before continuing "There were this incident in the library and one of the other students kind of almost bit me... Is this something that happens regularly and if so is there something I can do to prevent it from happening again?".

She hoped this didn't sound too ridiculous, but she really had to know if she were to expect more incidents like this in the future.

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