Elvira: Oh hello.
Elvira gave a flashy wave and smile at the young student. She was trying to be friendly but it came off amusing.
Elvira: My name is Elvira and I am the nurse here. Please have a seat and tell me what ails ya.
Elvira gestured at a chair nearby in hopes to help the young girl.
The nurse certainly didn't look anywhere near what Siljah had imagined which made her pause for a moment to take in her eccentric appearance before taking a seat.
"Well, it's not that anything's wrong but..." since she were new she didn't know where to start or whether or not it were a common thing that other students tried to bite you. She thought it through a bit before continuing "There were this incident in the library and one of the other students kind of almost bit me... Is this something that happens regularly and if so is there something I can do to prevent it from happening again?".
She hoped this didn't sound too ridiculous, but she really had to know if she were to expect more incidents like this in the future.

Elvira felt a huge weight on her chest as she suspected Theo may have been involved again. He already had a history of attacking girls and has bitten a few already. However she had no real evidence so she held her opinion to herself for the time being and let the new girl speak her mind. Once she was done Elvira felt it was her job to educate the new Fledglings about the rules in this academy.

Elvira: Well obviously you are a new student so I can imagine you have a lot of questions here. So I will give you a simple run down on things you will need to learn.
First off the classes are like your regular high school but include vampire studies as well.

Secondly you are a considered a blue fledging. Fledglings are marked by a crescent-shaped outline on their forehead, color depends on their gifts. When they become full-fledged vampires, this mark becomes solid and they receive more 'tattoos' which extend over their cheeks these usually represent some personality aspect. Now if a fledgling is not in constant proximity to adult Vampyres, the fledgling will die, so don't ever leave the school. Think of it like a life line of sorts.

Now older fledglings and my fellow adult vampires need to drink small quantities of human blood, but House of Night vampires do not attack humans to get it, instead they get it from blood banks. The older Fledglings and Vampyres will eventually get one familiar. Our connection to our familiars are always strong and with telepathic communication.

Now this is the part you were asking about. The act of taking blood is pleasurable for both humans and vampires. To be honest its comparable to sex and a drug rush. Sadly it may lead to a strong emotional bond, called "Imprinting" between the two. The one who was Imprinted on is basically a love slave devoted to he one who bit them. Kinda like a crack addict.

Sadly an imprint is broken when the love slave dies, the vampire imprinted another as a replacement, or mystical means. This causes major anguish between the vampire and human. From what I have seen its like a major drug withdrawal and it is not pretty girl. I mean I have seen some crazy stuff in my time.

So now we are at the part you are asking about. A Red Vampyre is a vampire who died and was resurrected by unnatural or natural forces. A Red fledgling is a fledgling who died because their body rejected the change and was resurrected. Sadly both are dangerous and need to be avoided if you can't defend yourself. We do have a few in the school that you should avoid.

Since you are new to all this stuff it would be best if you made friends and stayed in a group to avoid being singled out. Now I know its hard to fit in so if you are having trouble making friends you can also look into joining a coven. We do have a few here like the Daughters of Darkness, the Sons of Darkness and Gaia's Misfits. Each coven is different in how they do things and treat others so its best you choose for yourself.

The Daughters of Darkness and the Sons of Darkness are the elitist types and have a strict hierarchy. The leaders are strong and tend to throw their weight around when it suits them. If you can't handle that level of stress you can consider the other covens out there, but they are not as strong as the DOD or SOD. If you want to be in a more lax coven there is a new one called Gaia's Misfits. It was made for the students who don't fit in with the other covens. They are open minded and a lot less judgmental. The leader of the coven is very strong and very protective of his group. He has even made the DOD back off a few times.

Now there is a lot more you will learn over time but you will need to pace yourself on that stuff. Right now we need to address how you want to handle the person trying to bite you. So what would you like to do?

Elvira was being professional right now and giving the young girl many options to think about since she didn't want to show favoritism to Ed since it was a clash of interest. She hoped she could help this girl find a proper solution so the person who attacked her would not get a second chance.


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