Elvira was being professional right now and giving the young girl many options to think about since she didn't want to show favoritism to Ed since it was a clash of interest. She hoped she could help this girl find a proper solution so the person who attacked her would not get a second chance.

This was a lot of information to take in so at first Siljah weren't quite sure what to choose. After e little thoughtful hesitation "I see what you mean about the benefits of being in a coven, but I'm not quite sure I'll fit into any of them. I'm not much of a team player you see.". She looked up at Elvira "Isn't there some technique you can teach me or whatever so I can defend myself against these red fledglings? You know just in case I run into him again". And "run into him" she certainly intended, though next time she wanted to be much more in control of the situation. She needed to know more about this guy who attacked her, but on her premises no matter the danger.

Elvira looked at Siljah like she asked something awkward. It reminded her of the time she saw the young male actors asking the stunt men to teach them in a day how to master martial arts of stunt falls. That was a touchy subject and she needed to be delicate on how to answer it since kids were mostly about instant gratification. Working hard was usually looked down on since the internet took over the world.

Elvira: Well...….that's a tough one girl. The school doesn't just hand out stun guns for self defense. If it did, my social life would have been a whole lot easier I'll tell ya. (snort) But seriously you could try learning magic, but if you are not ready to use it correctly it could rebound and hurt or kill ya. The teachers will help you out but only when they are around so you will have to make sure you are close to them which is a pain. The only other option I can suggest is get a bodyguard. You know someone who can use their influence to keep you safe. The problem is the payment they will ask you for. I am not sure what your situation entails, but if you are at your wits end I can suggest someone who may be of help. Did this help at all?


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