Alternative payment?

But seriously you could try learning magic, but if you are not ready to use it correctly it could rebound and hurt or kill ya. The teachers will help you out but only when they are around so you will have to make sure you are close to them which is a pain. The only other option I can suggest is get a bodyguard. You know someone who can use their influence to keep you safe. The problem is the payment they will ask you for. I am not sure what your situation entails, but if you are at your wits end I can suggest someone who may be of help. Did this help at all?

"Hmm... A little I guess..." Siljah leaned back in the chair. It wasn't the solution she'd hoped to hear, but then again she didn't know exactly what the teachers were able to do in a case like this.

She gave it some fought before continuing "Well I don't think I can wait that long so a sort of bodyguard might come in handy and in that case if you know one that would be great. But..." she paused shortly "What is this going to cost me? Might it be possible to pay with some delicate informations about, let's say, a teacher?"

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