The Proposal

"Hmm... A little I guess..." Siljah leaned back in the chair. It wasn't the solution she'd hoped to hear, but then again she didn't know exactly what the teachers were able to do in a case like this.

She gave it some thought before continuing "Well I don't think I can wait that long so a sort of bodyguard might come in handy and in that case if you know one that would be great. But..." she paused shortly "What is this going to cost me? Might it be possible to pay with some delicate information about, let's say, a teacher?"

Elvira raised an eyebrow as she gave a crooked smile. She wondered what the young student was up to.

Elvira: Oh girl you know I love some good gossip. The juicier the better and normally I would break out the international coffee and have some girl time, but we both know your situation is important. So I tell you what, I'll get you the best bodyguard in the school regardless in return you spill the beans on this teacher for me. So what do ya say?

As Elvira was chatting she made a simple wave with her hand and a small black widow spider came from the shadows and up the wall to sneak into the vent shafts. It was now on a mission for its master.


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