The payment

Elvira: Oh girl you know I love some good gossip. The juicier the better and normally I would break out the international coffee and have some girl time, but we both know your situation is important. So I tell you what, I'll get you the best bodyguard in the school regardless in return you spill the beans on this teacher for me. So what do ya say?

Siljah smiled slyly when she knew she now had Elviras full attention "Deal".

She absolutly loved to gossip and knew this really were some top quality, so she shortly relished in the moment before telling it "So... You know that teacher Mr. Taylor, good looking but a terrible dresser and smells like dog? Well, I went to his office to pick up some books and accidentally stumbled upon him having quite a intimate moment with one of the students the other day. He obviously tried to deniy it but completly failed at it. If you don't believe me just try asking him and you'll see what a terrible lier he is".

She might be new to this place, but she certainly knew the teachers weren't allowed to have those kind of relations with their students.

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