Bad JuJu

The rest of the students started to shuffle off to their dorms and classes where ever they were supposed to be. Jinxy bumped him with her elbow " I'll have you know you burned down the only place I liked to hang out" she said with a grin. She wasn't mad at him any more. Thought part of her was still telling her getting involved with him was a bad idea.

As the kids got the okay to go back inside the house since the fire was put out by water magic, the staff was investigating the fire scene and the injured student. Elvira told Reagan, Ed and April to be careful and on guard before shooing them off to class. Then she carried the injured female student to her office for a blood transfusion. At the office she was met by a few other instructors who questioned Elvira's findings.

Male Vampyre Teacher: What did you find?

Elvira: Multiple fang bites to her neck and a massive blood loss. Looks like her attacker stopped just before killing her.

Male Vampyre Teacher: I see.

Elvira: And the library?

Male Vampyre Teacher: Looks like half of it was burned badly before we could put it out. It will be off limits for a good while till its repaired. Luckily the books lost are easily replaced since we keep the sacred ones separated. When she comes to confirm what she remembers about being attacked and where she was.

Elvira: So you think she was attacked in the Library?

Male Vampyre Teacher: I have no doubt about it. We will need to observe any unusual behavior in the students. The attacker was quite sloppy so he or she will try again and then we will find him or her. I will update the staff as we discover more.

Elvira: Sure thing. Hopefully she will wake up with a clear mind after her transfusion.

Male Vampyre Teacher: I want to be here when she wakes up, understood?

Elvira: Yeah sure. What are you gonna tell the kids?

Male Vampyre Teacher: No need to create panic. For now we will say nothing and watch them closer to find the culprit.

The Male Vampyre Teacher left with his arrogant attitude as he was confident in his ways. Elvira rolled her eyes back as he left. She was not a fan of the old ones since they still acted like they lived in the 1800's. She was concerned about her three students and warned them despite regulations. Of course the first person she thought would do such a thing was Theo since he was recorded planning such an act, but without proof it was only hearsay. To help the victim recover faster she put a double ivy back on each arm since she was down to her last pint of blood. Elvira looked around and decided to take a few precautions herself and summoned several small spiders and told them to watch over her office, and the rooms of Ed, April and Reagan to make sure they were safe. If the spiders saw them in danger they would alert her. The spiders then took off quickly as they headed to their stations. Elvira then rubbed her temples as she had a headache. Feeling annoyed she grabbed a bottle of blood from her fridge and sat in her chair as she sipped it.

Max, a punk rock looking white poodle, came out of the shadows and talked to her.

Max: Don't let that jerk get to you.

Elvira: Yeah I know.

Max: Want me to hunt down the offender?

Elvira: Yes but it would only cause a scene since the others might try to cover it up.

Max: Typical politicians. I'd eat them personally but they taste like sh!t.

Elvira: Cause that is what they are full of.

Max: Nice come back babe.

Elvira: Max? Do me a favor.

Max: Anything my sexy Mistress.

Elvira: Look after those three for me. I'm worried they might be the next target.

Max: So do I just protect them or kill the attacker?

Elvira: Just defend. Anything else might make it worse. Just expose the attacker to the public if he shows his face.

Max: You know who it is huh?

Elvira: I have a suspect in mind.

Max: The red boy called Theo?

Elvira: Yeah, but I got no proof. careful.

Max: Please girl........I am a demon hound. Like some punk red fledgeling can take me down.

Elvira: That's not what concerns me Max. Its the politics that come after.

Max: Yeah I got babe. I'll stick to the shadows for now.

Max turned into black smoke and vanished into the wall.


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