Pro Bono

Siljah smiled slyly when she knew she now had Elvira's full attention "Deal".
She absolutely loved to gossip and knew this really were some top quality, so she shortly relished in the moment before telling it "So... You know that teacher Mr. Taylor, good looking but a terrible dresser and smells like dog? Well, I went to his office to pick up some books and accidentally stumbled upon him having quite a intimate moment with one of the students the other day. He obviously tried to deny it but completely failed at it. If you don't believe me just try asking him and you'll see what a terrible lier he is".
She might be new to this place, but she certainly knew the teachers weren't allowed to have those kind of relations with their students.

Elvira dropped her jaw as she didn't know whether to laugh to gasp. She covered her open mouth with both hands without touching her ruby red lipstick. Then she clicked her black heels on the floor in excitement. This was truly juicy gossip. Old Mr. Taylor was not someone she would suspect of having relations with a student for many, many, many reasons. First off he did reek of dog despite being good looking like everyone else. Some wondered if he didn't wash his familiar and slept with it.

Secondly he was still under the impression that the 1920's look was still in. I mean come on! Fashion changes every 5 years for crying out loud. As long as he was alive even he should notice something as trivial as changes in his environment. To make it worse he wore the same damn suit everyday. There was an ongoing pool among some teachers that he only had one suit verses him having 30 of the same suit. No one knew where he would even get an old suit like that much less thirty of them.

Third and with all sincere levels of professionalisms the man had the warmth of a snow pea. I mean he had no style, he was boring, he had no sense of humor and he still believed women should be barefoot in the kitchen for crying out loud. It didn't make any sense why any woman or teen girl would even be interested in an ancient fossil like him.

Then her mind came to a halt as she wondered if there was more to the old goat. Maybe he was blackmailing the poor girl or maybe he was well hung or maybe she was into old farts like him, kind of like a fetish of sorts. The mere thought of that gave Elvira the shivers, as if she had jumped into the icy waters of Alaska.

Meanwhile the spider she sent was reaching it destination. It found Ed in class taking detailed notes in his notebook. As he saw the spider on his arm he recognized it as one of Elvira's summoned pets. He then pulled out a small note pad and an ink pad and set them on the desk as he continued to take notes. The spider then dipped a few legs into the inkpad and began writing a message on the notepad for Ed. Ed ignored the spider since it was going to take a bit for it to write the message. Not wanting to miss any details of the notes, Ed kept writing as he glanced to see if the spider had finished. After a few minutes the spider finished its message and it read as so.

Hey Ed,
Sorry to bug ya during class (pun intended). I know you need to get your nerd on, but I need you to do me a solid. I am talking to a girl and she was attacked by a red vampire. She needs someone to watch over her for now so if you could do this for me I will owe you big time.


Ed smirked as he wrote "Yes" on the notepad for the spider to read. Then the spider left his desk and Ed put up his inkpad and notebook, before going back to taking notes. Then he casted a spell under the table and a small stream of water came out a water bottle in his backpack. The thin stream of water snuck out of the class room and stealthily made it way to Elvira's office. It saw Elvira taking to the young girl he saw Theo attacking earlier and then made its way to the watering can by Elvira's potted black roses. The thin line of water then entered the watering can to absorb more water and gain more size. Ed was using one of his eyes to see through the eyes of the water snake.

Elvira then looked at Siljah with a mischievous smile as she spoke up.

Elvira: Girl you are so bad, but I love it. We should do this more often. However you need to be safe if we want to have more gossip time in the future. Now the guy who will be helping you is a little odd when you first meet him, but there is more to him than you think. He is a gifted student and has had experience fighting a demonic monster as well as a red vampire successfully I might add. And don't worry about paying him since this one is on me girl. I sent him a message while we were talking and he will be here after class if you don't mind waiting.


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