Just as planned

Elvira: Girl you are so bad, but I love it. We should do this more often. However you need to be safe if we want to have more gossip time in the future. Now the guy who will be helping you is a little odd when you first meet him, but there is more to him than you think. He is a gifted student and has had experience fighting a demonic monster as well as a red vampire successfully I might add. And don't worry about paying him since this one is on me girl. I sent him a message while we were talking and he will be here after class if you don't mind waiting.

"Great" Siljah smirked, before turning a bit more serious "But just to make things clear; I don't want someone to be following me around all the time. He just need to be a sort of back-up in case something happens, okay?"

However she didn't mention that she actually intended to seek out this red fledgling. After all, he could become useful at some point and she already had a pretty good idea of how to make him cooperate.

Anyway, if her plan didn't turn out the way she wanted then she deffintly were going to a good bodyguard and if this guy Elvira mentioned were anywhere near as good as she said then there weren't going to be any problems.

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