Pet Bottle

Anyway, if her plan didn't turn out the way she wanted then she definitely were going to a good bodyguard and if this guy Elvira mentioned were anywhere near as good as she said then there weren't going to be any problems.

After class was over Ed told April, he had to meet with Elvira so he would be late to class. April shrugged and went to class with Reagan, while Ed made his way to see Elvira. He then made his way to the nurses office to greet Elvira in a polite manner. Now looking at Ed he was slightly charming despite his nerdy appearance. of course seeing Nagi on his shoulders was a bit un-nerving. Ed then put Nagi on a bed to rest as he listened to Elvira.

Elvira: Ed this is Siljah. Siljah this is Ed. Ed here is the one I told you about.

Ed: So you called me here for?

Ed was playing dumb so Siljah didn't know he was spying on them already.

Elvira then explained why Siljah needed a bodyguard from a dangerous Red Fledgling. Ed listened patiently till she finished then looked at Siljah as he rubbed his chin. He looked like he was pondering and sucking at his fangs while in deep thought. Then he smirked as he had an idea.

Ed: Oh that could work.

Ed headed to the lost and found box and dug around till he found an old water bottle and washed it out in the sink. Then he filled the bottle with water and bit his hand before he put in two drops of blood in the water bottle. Then he closed it up and shook it before he said a chant. While chanting some tattoos appeared on his face lit up a bright blue. Then he looked at Siljah and smiled.

Ed: Okay this should work, but don't drink it. As you can see....

Ed opened the nozzle on the bottle and a small water snake came out to look at Siljah. It had red eyes and hissed.

Ed: Its a snake made of water. I made it so it will protect you so keep it close while you are out of your room. If you are attacked it will come out to protect you. It can strike a victim, drain the victims blood and constrict a victim depending on your mood. The bottle is just to carry it in so if it breaks just put it in a new bottle, but make sure it has a nozzle so it can get out without breaking the bottle.

Elvira: Oh that's handy.

Ed: Yeah. You wanted a simple fix right. With this work for you Siljah?


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