Questions and covens

Katherine was working hard in the kitchen once again as she tried to perfect her recipes. Since she was the only one who managed to get Theo to eat she got stuck with that responsibility. The other female cooks were glad to be rid of serving a Red Fledgling since he was trouble for the School. So Kat made the same dish that Theo ate before since he seemed to like it. She was hoping to expand her knowledge in cooking and ignore the old bidis in the kitchen who were stuck in tradition.

Despite how happy Cleo were to get so much of Theos food it worried her that he didn't eat it himself. At least he ate almost all of the meat, though in total it wasn't much compared to the boys size.

When Theo had finished his meal Cleo snug away, heading for the kitchen to talk to the chef. When having entered the kitchen it didn't take her long to spot Katherine. She tried to gracefully jump directly up on the table but couldn't get her fat butt up over the edge. Luckily she at least managed to land on her feet again before attempting a much smaller jump to a stool and then managed to get to the table. "Hey again" she purred in a friendly manner "I'm guessing you're the one who made the food for my master once again so I just wanted to thank you once more". She the hesitated a little before continuing "I know this is a lot to ask for and you have already helped so much, but would it be possible for him to get a bit more of the meat instead of all those beans and veggies?". This probably really were a lot to ask for, but if Theo didn't want to eat his vegetables then she would do her best to get him some more of the meat that he liked. She then quickly added "It's not that they don't taste good he just seems to prefere the meat".

Ed was clearly embarrassed by their teasing as he laughed it off and let it slide. He made the mistake of not choosing his words better and had to tolerate the teasing now or he would make it worse. After everyone got in a few jabs on poor old Evil Ed, they got back on topic and talked about any issues that needed to be addressed in the coven meeting. Of course as usual the topic of the Dark Daughters & Dark Sons came up again as some of their members were trying to stir up trouble again. Granted Sabine was avoiding Ed and his coven, she didn't do much to keep her coven in check. Luckily their antics were small and petty so they were not breaking the rules, but were clearly looking to cause a scene. Ed and April then told the coven they would send Sabine a letter to back off unless they wanted to make a scene. This helped put the Freshmen at ease since they were still learning the ropes at the school.

Siljah, who was only halfway through her plate because of all the questions she had been asking Theo, suddenly noticed Ed and the rest of his covern from across the room. "Oh! Come. There's someone I need to talk, let's go" she smiled, quickly grabbed her plate and started heading towards Ed and his little group. When Theo didn't follow her immediately she gently grabbed his arm and pulled him along.

"Hey guys, do you mind if we join you?" she smiled and winked at Ed, but before anyone had the time to answer she had already taken a seat.

This time Theo really didn't want to simply follow her lead and refused to take a seat let alone to even look at anyone from Eds coven. It was first when Siljah sent him a saying look that he very reluctantly sat down at the table.

Then Siljah continued with a smile "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I would love to learn more about your coven. You see, I'm considering joining you, but before making such a big decision I need to know more about your rules, benefits and so on".

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