The Basics

When Theo had finished his meal Cleo snug away, heading for the kitchen to talk to the chef. When having entered the kitchen it didn't take her long to spot Katherine. She tried to gracefully jump directly up on the table but couldn't get her fat butt up over the edge. Luckily she at least managed to land on her feet again before attempting a much smaller jump to a stool and then managed to get to the table. "Hey again" she purred in a friendly manner "I'm guessing you're the one who made the food for my master once again so I just wanted to thank you once more". She the hesitated a little before continuing "I know this is a lot to ask for and you have already helped so much, but would it be possible for him to get a bit more of the meat instead of all those beans and veggies?". This probably really were a lot to ask for, but if Theo didn't want to eat his vegetables then she would do her best to get him some more of the meat that he liked. She then quickly added "It's not that they don't taste good he just seems to prefer the meat".

Kat: Hmmmmmmm…… lemme think.

Kathrine smiled when she saw Cleo. The cute little fuzzball managed to brighten up her day. She found it ironic that a familiar was more pleasant to chat with than her fellow co-workers. As she listened to Cleo's request she smirked a bit since she found Cleo so cute and adorable. Her familiar was also a cat but she was snarky and arrogant. She wished Cleo was her familiar since they got along better. Sadly if that was even possible, Cleo would be a really fat cat by now.

Kat: He needs both meat and veggies but loves his meat more huh?

Kat opened her recipe note book to search for a recipe. She collected her recipes and put them in categories by ingredients like Beef, Pork, Seafood, Fowl, Vegetarian and Vegan. She felt it was important to diversify her skills since she never knew who her customers were or their preferences. Granted she cooked for vampires and fledglings these days, she did find sometimes they would want a dish that served as nostalgia for them even if it had no meat in it. She believed food had a way of bringing people together and we had many different recipes because people had different tastes.

So as she flipped the pages of the book she found one that might suit Theo's needs. She smiled at Cleo as she spoke up.

Kat: So your master won't eat his veggies huh? And he prefers meat? I think I have a recipe that might work out. I updated my recipe book since the last time we talked. So how does Black Bean & Beef Meat Balls sound?

Kat smiled at Cleo as she pet her head gently.

Kat: The Black beans will be mashed into the meatball and its flavor will be masked by the beef and seasoning. Then we fry them up and leave the insides medium rare so its a bit red on the inside. Then we add a Beef Aju sauce with a hint of cow blood in it for flavor.

Kat then patted Cleo once more before she washed her hands and gathered her ingredients. She mixed the ground beef up and then took some black beans from the salad section and mashed them into the ground beef along with some seasoning to bring out the flavor. Then she heated up her frying pan and went to work on the Beef Aju sauce. She started to melt beef fat in a skillet over medium-high heat. Then she whisk flour into beef fat as she cooked it while whisking constantly. She did this until the mixture thickened. Then she poured beef broth into fat mixture and increased the heat to high and bring mixture to a boil. She then boiled the mixture until it thickened slightly and then seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste. She topped it off with a teaspoon of cows blood and cooked it a bit longer.

She tasted it and found it gave off a strong beef flavor which would satisfy most carnivores. Then when the pan was hot she lightly fried the meatballs so the outside was cooked while the inside was barely cooked and dark pink inside. She then skewered them with toothpicks and put them in a bowl and the Aju sauce in a different bowl. She smiled at Cleo as she took the two bowls out to find Theo.


Ed was clearly embarrassed by their teasing as he laughed it off and let it slide. He made the mistake of not choosing his words better and had to tolerate the teasing now or he would make it worse. After everyone got in a few jabs on poor old Evil Ed, they got back on topic and talked about any issues that needed to be addressed in the coven meeting.

Siljah, who was only halfway through her plate because of all the questions she had been asking Theo, suddenly noticed Ed and the rest of his coven from across the room. "Oh! Come. There's someone I need to talk, let's go" she smiled, quickly grabbed her plate and started heading towards Ed and his little group. When Theo didn't follow her immediately she gently grabbed his arm and pulled him along.
"Hey guys, do you mind if we join you?" she smiled and winked at Ed, but before anyone had the time to answer she had already taken a seat.

Ed smirked as Siljah was boldly joining them and dragging Theo along like a reluctant brother. April was shocked that Theo would even go this far as she turned her head back and forth between the coven and Theo to make sure she was seeing this happen in reality and not a dream. Reagan quietly ate her food as she was mildly entertained by this. Elvira gave a crooked smile as she saw Siljah taking charge and keeping Theo in check. She had to keep herself from cackling like a witch as she covered her mouth with her hand holding her fork.

Ed: Well hello again?

This time Theo really didn't want to simply follow her lead and refused to take a seat let alone to even look at anyone from Ed's coven. It was first when Siljah sent him a saying look that he very reluctantly sat down at the table.
Then Siljah continued with a smile "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I would love to learn more about your coven. You see, I'm considering joining you, but before making such a big decision I need to know more about your rules, benefits and so on".

April was a bit speechless by what was happening. Elvira nudged her to led Ed deal with it. They were having a conversation with only their eyes but they understood each other well. April let it slide and conceded to Elvira's wisdom since it was a delicate situation and she was anything but delicate. Luckily he trusted Ed, as well as loved him behind closed doors. She hid her true feelings from the public since she didn't want to come off as weak around her enemies. Elvira was more curious to see how well Ed handled a situation like this. Ed was intrigued and decided to humor Siljah to see what she was up to.

Ed: Fair enough. Since you are new I'll make easy to see the big picture. Before we became a coven last year there are two main covens and they are the Daughters of Darkness and Sons of Darkness or known as the DOD and SOD. As I have read they are an organization at almost every House of Night, which is our school name. Now according to the books, only the most gifted and talented "premier" fledglings are chosen to be a member of these covens. The leader of the Dark Daughters is considered a High Priestess-in-training and at this school her name is Sabine Vandran. To be fair I will let you meet her and decide what type of person she is, but she and I don't get along well.

Ed took a sip of water then continued to speak.

Ed: The coven organization's symbol is the symbol of the Triple Goddess, two back-to-back moons against a full moon. The Dark Daughters' leader wears a silver pendant of the symbol which is encrusted with garnets and is mentored by the school's High Priestess. Each Dark Daughter and Son has a similar necklace, except theirs don't have garnets. The Dark Daughters and Sons of the House of Night hold their many Spells and Rituals in the Recreational Hall. These rituals are invitation only.

Now because of the way they made their hierarchy, the members on the lower level are treated like servants or worse since its a sort of hazing tradition to earn your place in the coven by resorting to underhanded actions. So friendship in those covens is nonexistent.

Ed took another sip of water ad cleared his throat.

Ed: Since April was not willing to submit to the DOD or SOD, she and I created our coven with Reagan over there called Gaia's Misfits. We managed to convince Elvira to be our Advisor to make it legit and focused on meeting the standards after that. Then this year we managed to recruit some freshmen sitting with us. Unlike the SOD and DOD who strives to be the next High Priestess and her minions, we focus more on teamwork to make each member stronger so we can have a future once we graduate. We are the misfits that don't fit in with them, but that doesn't man we don't deserve a place in society. After we graduate April and I are going to make a company that will hire willing members of our coven since its rough out there. As for perks we share class notes, have study groups, practice beginner magic, make preparation to gain a familiar and support each other when needed. So now that you have the skinny of the covens, you need to decide what's best for you.

Ed smiled at Siljah as he took another sip of water. Then Kat and Cleo came by with a bowl of meatballs and beef broth that hinted of meat.

Kat: Cleo insisted.

Then Kat left since she was not sure how Theo would react since he was with other students.


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